Pope Shenouda III

Organization & Information Technology Center of the Coptic Orthodox Church

 H. H .Pope Shenouda III inaugurated a center of organization and information technology on 15 November 2000 , the 29th anniversary of his  enthronement . The aim of this center is as follows :

1-The dissemination of  the scientific and research material in the shape of microfiche.

2-Manuscript restoration

3-Bringing the treasure of the  heritage ,that fathers left and passed on to sons, into light.

4- Preserving the rare books, manuscripts and documents from being lost or unnecessary usage.

5-Minimizing the space taken up by material in the traditional shape.

6-Getting the required  information as soon as possible.

7-Getting copies of the material that is stored in place difficult to reach.

8-Establishing an ecclesiastical information bank ;  the first stage was carried out in the monastery of St. Mina in Mariout . The buildings of the microfilm, the computer, the printing office and the library are joined together and they are now ready to be joined with the papal residence at Abbassia.

9- Meeting the church needs concerning the pastoral and administrative matters using unified programs in the following domains :

    a. Church membership:

    It joins all the dioceses that follow the See of St. Mark inside Egypt and abroad. Every diocese should have a code to log in.

    b. Personal status.

    c. El Keraza periodical.

    d. God's brothers and sisters.

    e. Direct broadcast of Masses and sermons.

    f.   Guaranteeing the efficiency and continuation of the stages of setting in operation .

    g. Revising the input and the programs related to the systems.

    h. Developing and updating the  different stages of setting in operation through continuous  making use of  the technological progress.